– There are Ellen slot machines in casinos across the country now. I don’t know if you’ve seen those. [cheers and applause] There are two different versions, and you can find them at the ARIA and all of the MGM properties on the Las Vegas strip. And what you don’t know is, I have a staff member who loves Las Vegas more than anything in the world. Her name is Claudia.

She’s our audience producer. And she was in Vegas 75 days last year. I found out she’s been sending a cardboard cutout of herself to work. [laughter] I thought it was– she was staying pretty still.

But anyway, she is the perfect person to introduce people to my new slot machines, so I decided to send her to Vegas. I thought she would enjoy this assignment. So she’s out there. She was there already, I think. [laughter] Wow.

Look at you, Claudia. You’re fancy. – Hi, Ellen. – Is that how you dress– Is that how you normally dress when you go to Vegas? – Uh, it’s pretty close to it, actually. [laughs] – No, that’s not true.

Where are you right now? – I’m at the ARIA Hotel– Resort & Casino. – All right, and is anyone playing my slot machine?

Are you near my slot machines? – Yes, I’m really close to it, and actually, all of your slot machine–everyone– someone’s on each– on each machine. – Oh, great. Okay. I want to have some fun with them.

Go up to somebody. You have cash on you. I gave you cash, right? – I do.

I do have cash. – All right, good. – Hi. How are you? – Hi. Good.

How are you? – Are you having fun? What’s your name? Where you from? – Shut up.

Olivia from Austin, Texas. both: Hi, Olivia. – Can Olivia hear me? Hi. Oh. [laughter] – Yes, she can hear you, Ellen.

– Hi, from-Austin-Texas Olivia. – Hi! – Hi.

So you’re playing– are you having fun on the slot machine? – Yeah, I’m having so much fun. – Have you won anything yet? – Oh, my God. – No? Okay.

I’m gonna reward you. Actually, a friend just won $5,000 playing. So I’m gonna give you some money. I’m gonna give you $500 to play with right now. Would you give her $500? – Okay.

[cheers and applause] [laughter] – Olivia was just gonna reach in there herself. – There’s one. There’s two. – Don’t keep it. Feed–no, no, no. You put that in the slot machine.

You feed that right into the slot machine. Keep going. All five. – One, two.

– There you go. – Two. – All right. You keep playing with that and let us know if you win something. And then Claudia is gonna move on to somebody else.

– All right, good luck. Hi. – Hey. – What’s your name? Where you from? – Elise Austell from Lubbock, Texas.

– From Texas? – Yes. – Hi, Elise.

How are you doing? – Oh, my gosh. – Hi. I am not a slot machine.

– I’m okay. [laughing] I’m good. I’m good. I’m–yeah, I’m good. – Hey, have you won anything yet? – I’ve won two different bonuses.

– Oh, good for you. – I got a couple free spins and knocked some people out. – Okay, give her $500 so she can play some more.

– Okay. $100? There you go. I’m gonna put this in there. Good luck to you.

Keep going. – We have to get everybody some more money in there, so is there anybody else? There’s one more machine, right?

– Yeah, there’s one more. – [squeals] – Oh, did she win? – We got a bonus, Ellen. We got a bonus. – Fantastic.

– I got a bonus. – All right. Let’s go to the last person. We’ll give them some money, and then we’ll get back to the show. I could do this all day.

– What’s your name? Where are you from? – My name is Melinda Howe. I’m from Detroit, Michigan.

– From Detroit, Michigan. – Hi, Melinda. How’re you doing? – Hi, Ellen. I love you so much I got my hair like you. – Ah.

[laughter and applause] – How are you? – I’m good. Thank you for doing that.

I know. You can hardly tell us apart. How much money do you have in there? – I have $65.40. – Have you won anything yet? – Not today.

Not today. – All right. – Hopefully tomorrow.

– No, right now you’re gonna win some. Give her $500 to put in there. – [gasps] Ooh. Thank you, Ellen.

I love you. – All right, love you too. Have fun. All right, we’ll see you soon– if you decide to come back this week. So you can go to the website and find out what casinos have the Ellen slot machines, and we’ll be back after this. [cheers and applause] – Whoo!

Yay, I got a bonus. Yay! [screams] 3,000! Whoo! – Oh, my God!

– Whoo! Good job. Good job. – 6,000.