With tougher enemies, just make sure you have a friend over. It has a PlayScore of 9.03 6. The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth After the successful flash game, its Steam release breathed new life to this creepy roguelike adventure. Help Isaac escape his deadly fate by sneaking out through his monster-infested basement. Conquer hundreds of dungeons, and fend off creatures with your cowardly tears. Be careful, one wrong move will take you right back to square one. It’s a game of biblical proportions, known for its challenging rooms, harsh permadeaths, and eerily adorable visuals.It has a PlayScore of 9.04 5. Batman Arkham City Some calls it the best Arkham game to date. Rocksteady’s second title after Arkham Asylum takes you to the crime-infested streets of Arkham City. Now transformed into a City Wide Penitentiary, help Batman stop Joker and the other Rogue’s Gallery in a race against time.

It’s new open-world element grants you full control of the caped crusader’s fists. It receives a PlayScore of 9.06 4. Dishonored Bethesda and Arkane Studios’ ultimate stealth-adventure experience. Play as Corvo Attano, a man caught in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Follow his journey as he vindicates himself from a crime he did not commit. An FPS game utilizing the gift of stealth, unleash your devastating supernatural powers to exact vengeance on these poor souls, or finish the game without a single kill. It receives a PlayScore of 9.08 3. Mark Of The Ninja Show off your innate agility and vulpine cleverness to outwit foes in every stage in this stealth-based indie platformer,. Pay attention to the noise you make, and use the shadows to your advantage. It’s a game that rewards you for your intelligent choices, giving you points for bloodless clears as well as your stealthy massacres.

With their smart mechanics and impressive visuals, Mark of the Ninja is easily one of the most rewarding stealth experiences out there. It has a PlayScore of 9.17 2. Mass Effect 2 Before EA killed the latest Mass Effect game, there was the original trilogy. But among them lies the best entry of the franchise. Follow Commander Shepard and his friends in a quest to rid the world of the imminent Reaper Invasion. The game is greatly improved compared to the first game especially its choices and the third-person shooting aspect. It’s one of the finest sci-fi games ever created and it receives a PlayScore of 9.23 1. And the best action game is none other than The Witcher III: Wild Hunt It goes to show that don’t need to have guns to make an action game. Geralt of Rivia’s open-world adventure is merely enough. Filled with unforgettable missions and characters so complex, CD Projekt Red’s masterpiece has won the the hearts of many people. With 2 massive DLC’s that doesn’t cost much, it adds new flavours to the medieval fantasy world they offer. Unfortunately this is the final chapter of Geralt’s story. But it’s a perfect send-off to our white-haired mutant. It receives a PlayScore of 9.29