There are video poker machines popping up in casinos all over the world, due to its tremendous popularity. Before I finish writ­ing this chapter, six new types of machines will make an appearance. There will be fourteen changes made to the present ones and a couple I’ve listed now that are obsolete. Rather than just trying to cover space, let me list only poker machines that are most popular with the patrons and my humble opinion of each.

Jacks or Better This is by far the most popular machine, and the payoffs (listed in an upcoming chapter) reflect the fact that the most money can be gained on these machines. Obviously you have to hit the jackpot to collect, but the dangle of big money is on this particular model. I’ll cover more on all these types of machines, but in my humble opinion, it is the second best type to play. You figure out the best.

Jokers Wild The lure of getting a Joker to spruce up your hand and give you one leg up on a royal or straight flush draws many a player to these machines. Naturally the payoffs are reduced because of that Joker, but you’ll find loads of Jokers Wild machines in all casinos. Maybe that tells you something: You can usually find an open machine, even during busy times-because there are so many of these available. They are very popular.

Deuces Wild If you like Jokers Wild, you gotta love Deuces Wild. Instead of one wild card, you now get four (four deuces), but you suffer the plight of lesser payoffs. The chapters on Deuces Wild show you these figures, but believe me, they are greatly reduced, in relationship to what they should be-or should I say could be (and still give the casinos a healthy edge). This is not my favorite machine, but I do take shots at it on occasion. It doesn’t have to do with big payoffs, because they ain’t there. It has to do with the help I get with those extra wild cards.

Deuces and Jokers Wild You won’t find many of these machines in the casinos, and the few you do happen to discover are usually empty-and for a good reason. With five wild cards at your disposal, it seems you need nine of a kind to get a 2-1 pay­off. A royal flush may pay you even money, and six of a kind means you gotta insert extra coins for the casino. No, maybe not that drastic, but it is suicide without the use of a gun. Luckily the patrons seem to shy away from these babies, and well they should. Nope, I don’t play these machines.

Double Jokers Wild My favorite. It’s simply a Jokers Wild machine, except you get two Jokers instead of one. The payoffs are a freckle lower than the single Joker machine, but two pair returns your investment and the chances of getting two Jokers does enhance the straight flush and royal flush, not to mention four of a kind. Now remember, four of a kind in Double Joker pays only 8-1 (9-1 in rare cases) as opposed to 25-1 (sometimes 50-1 on bonus machines), but you get those fourskis more often. Yeah I play these Double Joker machines, and that will be ex­plained deeper later!

Which ones do you like??